The BigID certification program is open to everyone, and is designed to help privacy practitioners advance their skills in data privacy, compliance and governance. By achieving BigID certification, companies ensure that their privacy professionals understand state-of-the-art ML-driven discovery and privacy automation approaches, gain the necessary skills to operationalize privacy across the enterprise using the latest data-driven techniques, and ultimately better meet the personal information protection challenges imposed by modern global regulations.


The BigID certification program offers the following tracks and recognitions:

Track Description Pre-Requisites
BigID Certified Professional
Focuses on all knowledge domains including general personal data regulations, privacy automation techniques, BigID deployment, usage and value generation, administration and support. Successful completion of the BigID Professional Course.
BigID Certified Expert
Focuses on advanced data governance, privacy and security use cases, practical BigID deployment and operations, and deep hands-on familiarity with all standard usage, administration and support tasks. Successful completion of the BigID Expert Course.
Successful passing of the BigID Certified Professional exam.
BigID Certified Administrator
Focuses on BigID deployment, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting. Successful completion of the BigID Administrator Course.
BigID Certified User
Focuses on general personal data regulations, privacy automation techniques, BigID usage, use cases and value generation. Successful completion of the BigID User Course.

BigID certifications are offered to all learners who successfully complete the pre-requisite courses for that certification track (and the pre-requisite certifications, if applicable). Each certification emphasizes theoretical and practical aspects in its respective domain, and will be achieved by successfully passing a comprehensive exam.


There are tremendous benefits to becoming BigID-certified, both for you and your company.

As an individual, our certification program helps you establish credible knowledge in general data privacy, security, compliance and governance domains, and achieve significant expertise in the BigID solution so you are positioned as an indispensable resource to your employer, your colleagues, and your clients.

As a company, BigID certification can uplift your general privacy practices and provide a new framework to better evaluate your data privacy and governance practice. If you use BigID, the certification can lower costs and improve ROI through better implementation, utilization, and management of the BigID platform.

When you become BigID-certified, you obtain the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of, and ultimately alignment with, general data protection regulations.
  • Elevated competency and higher effectiveness in key BigID value generation, deployment, operational and troubleshooting domains.
  • Reduced reliance on BigID services and support.
  • Industry recognition and credibility as a BigID expert, officially validating your BigID skills and knowledge.
  • Stronger value to your company.
  • Stronger potential for your career advancement.
  • Achievement badge in the BigExchange community.


The certification exam assesses your mastery of concepts and relevant knowledge areas, as well as your ability to handle practical real-world challenges. It is therefore recommended to take the certification exam only after gaining adequate practical experience.

Certification exams are time-constrained and open-book. They are taken online at the convenience of your own office and computer, and at a later stage will be supervised by a certified testing institute. These exams include a variety of questions that assess your knowledge across all domains relevant to your certification track. The passing score is 80%, and you will receive your official BigID certificate of achievement upon a successful pass.


For BigID partners, the certification is offered as a complimentary service.

For BigID customers, the certification is offered as a complimentary service, but attending the pre-requisite classes is normally priced following our standard pricing guidelines.

For others, the certification involves a small fee and attending the pre-requisite classes is priced following our standard training pricing guidelines.

For additional information, prices and class schedules, please contact us at education@bigid.com.